New designers join our team


Maya Tal, talented new grad of the Shenkar College of Art and Design, and Sahar Mor, experienced broadcast designer, join our team this year. Maya is into design, good food, fashion and laughing out loud. Sahar is an urban artist and surfer, into gifs, jpgs and soundbits.

Working on the official movie of the new Israeli bank note


When we were asked to “make money” – we were literally asked to design, animate, and create the future banknote on screen. ST/AF was selected to create the official movie that was released with the new 50 Shekel bank note in 2014. For the past year or so, we have been reconstructing the intricate layers of the new note, reconstructing a 3D high resolution model of the bank note, that would look and react exactly like the real thing. The amount of details, design and thought that is combined in a banknote is mesmerizing. You can see the movie in our work section, and download the app we designed for iOS and android. In case you were wondering, WE NO LONGER HAVE the source materials in our office safe, and no, we cannot print out more notes.

A bit more about our studio location


ST/AF is located in the center of Tel Aviv, just off Rothschild Blvd, in the White City district. The building itself was constructed in the early 1930’s, matching the distinct modernistic Bauhaus school from Germany, and is a great source of inspiration to us. Our offices were originally home to the Pumruk and Shlush families, amongst the founders of the city of Tel Aviv. When we moved in, we kept some of the original furniture as part of the studio’s decor, and are still at awe of some the stuff we find around the place - From old newspaper clippings to suitcases and memories we discover frequently, when clearing an antique desk or hidden room.